Herkimer Diamond Necklace - 14k Gold Fill


14k gold fill material. Hangs at 16” - no extender. Water and tarnish resistant. 

Herkimer diamonds are an extremely rare type of quartz.

They aren't actually diamonds, but are naturally double terminated quartz, meaning they come to a point naturally at each end. Each stone has 18 faces, which gives it that "diamond" shape. They're found mainly in Herkimer County, NY.
What's even cooler, is that they're actually believed to be close to 500 MILLION years old. The word Viejo in Spanish, means old.

Made of 14k gold filled material, water resistant, comes with a free polishing cloth to keep it nice and shiny.

For a clean look, there is no extender on this necklace.

Tested in the shower, ocean, and mowing the lawn, this babe is made to live in.